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Bob asks:  Who is that guy over there wearing all those hats?

Bill responds:  That's Paul Groncki.

Bob:  Why is he wearing all those hats?

Bill:  Because Paul is a member of many community groups

         and the hats represent the different groups.

Bob:  Is what he does good?

Bill:  The hats are a perfect fit because Paul is conscientious,

        professional, caring, resourceful, focused, hard-working,

        proactive, smart and reliable.

Bob:  No wonder his hats fit so perfectly.

Bill:  Yes, that's Paul Groncki.


Bill Borock

Chair, Council of Chelsea Block Associations

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Testimonials: Welcome
Testimonials: Testimonials

"Thank you for being the invisible hero in bringing the Global Relationship to the finish line. The behind the scenes assistance you have provide in setting up all the logistics plus your contribution of the essential factual information for the handbook have been invaluable.  Congratulations and thank you again.  We would not be in shape to pilot test the Global Relationship without you."

Citibank Private Bank Manager

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