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Economic Consulting

  • Productive Thinking Facilitation: Help clients generate more and better ideas than they imagined possible.  Show clients how to think more productively and raise the power of their thinking by providing the catalyst organizations need to raise the intellectual capital of their people and develop their untapped thinking power.

  • Marketing Strategy and Research: Design and manage ground-breaking marketing research studies fully integrated into marketing and business decision-making.

  • Executive Interviewing: Bring senior management experience to conducting professional interviews with corporate executives, affluent consumers and other difficult-to-talk-to segments.

  • Scribe Extraordinare: Capture discussion content "live" allowing instant interpretation and implementation of your planning meetings, focus groups, etc.


Not-For-Profit and Community Organizing Support

  • Passion and ability to bring my Economic and Marketing experience to support organizations and communities with purpose

  • Marketing and Communications Strategizing: Brings 25 years experience in marketing financial services to help mission driven, socially conscious organizations fulfill their goals and objectives

  • Community Organizing: Work with community groups to achieve their strategic and tactical goals 

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Culinary Consulting

  • Passionate about the culinary arts -- from cooking, reading, dining, menu design, and bartending.​

  • Skilled in French, Italian, Eastern European, Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.  

  • A trained bartender available to tend bar at private events.

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