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Corporate Experience

Over 25 years in the banking industry. View my full corporate resume 

Economist: Resume

JPMorganChase & Co.

1995 - 2001

Director of Global Marketing Research/Strategic Support for JPMorgan Private Bank.

-- Built information foundation for new business targeted at the mass affluent market.

-- Employed state-of-the-art techniques from cultural anthropology, psychology, ideation, statistics, and the creative problem solving process.

-- Enabled senior management to allocate internal resources based on the size of potential private banking markets.

-- Provided answers to questions needed to successfully implement:

     Office expansion decisions.

     Marketing and advertising campaigns.

     New product introductions.

Payment Systems Inc. (PSI)


Director of Affluent Market and International Research Programs.
-- Marketed and conducted annual survey of 2500 affluent U.S. households.
-- Assessed the financial attitudes and behaviors of affluent households.
-- Marketed and managed a groundbreaking survey of payment card usage in ten European countries.
-- Advised financial services providers on strategies for serving the affluent and private banking markets.

Bankers Trust Company

1990 - 1991

Director of Marketing Analysis and Planning for the Private Bank.
-- Standardized and coordinated the three-year strategic planning process.
-- Overcame internal resistance to launching a client information system.
-- Accelerated the new product introduction process.
-- Improved significantly the level of telephone service.


1982 - 1990

Director of Strategic Marketing/Research for the Private Bank.
-- Transformed planning process to integrate 70 business units into one highly effective plan.
-- Designed and implemented a global strategic marketing approach.
Division Head/Economist for Citicorp Economic Services.
-- Produced and marketed publications analyzing U.S. economic and investment market conditions.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

1975 - 1982

Head of Economics Unit for the National Center for the Analysis of Energy Systems.
-- Employed large-scale input-output, econometric and linear programming models to analyze the impacts of alternative energy policies.
-- Showed that the price of oil was the more effective than regulations and subsidies in stimulating conservation and solar technologies.

NYS Department of Labor

1972 - 1974

Labor market economist for the New York Metropolitan Region.
-- Calculated monthly local unemployment rate.
-- Developed first computer program for calculating NY region local area unemployment rate.

Consultative Experience

Economist: Resume

Thinkx Intellectual Capital, Inc.

2004 - 2014

Facilitator implementing the productive thinking mission of Thinkx.

-- Help clients raise the power of their thinking.

-- Generate more ideas, better ideas, more of the time.

-- Provide the catalyst to raise intellectual capital.

-- Spark the untapped thinking power of staff:

     To solve problems.

     To discover opportunities.

     To implement solutions

Groncki Group

2001 - 2008

Founder and principal of a marketing strategy and research services group.

-- Focus on financial services and high-net-worth clients.

-- Design and manage strategic research initiatives.

     Ground-breaking marketing research studies.

     Fully integrated into marketing and business decision-making.

-- Interview of corporate executives and affluent clients.

-- Scribe for planning meetings and focus groups.

Wallace & Mackenzie

2005 - 2006

Managing Partner with this management consulting firm targeting financial services organizations.
-- Accelerate growth of wealth management and private banking businesses.
-- Provide market sizing, client demographic analytics and competitive analytics.
-- Recommend investor product and service models.

Institute for Private Investors

2004 - 2006

Consultant for this educational and networking institute serving families and individuals with substantial assets and their advisors.
-- Strive to change the way investors work with advisors and advisors work with investors for the benefit of both.
-- Analyze and interpret advisor-investor interactions to synthesize the lessons learned.

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